About Us

Angel Coughlin, Owner and Teacher
While training to run a marathon Angel picked up Yoga as a cross training exercise and promptly fell in love. The benefits were evident and long lasting. Soon she had her children doing yoga with her. Shortly thereafter she was diagnosed with a heart condition and had to undergo surgery. Not being able to return to running Yoga became a lifeline, a way to recover both physically and spiritually during a tough season of life. Impassioned by how Yoga helped her in this journey she attended Yoga Teacher Training. Now she shares her love of Yoga and the impact it can have physically, emotionally and spiritually on both body and Spirit.

“From prenatal to children and from adulthood to the golden age Yoga is available to all. I have a passion for bringing Yoga to all people in all stages of life and a sincere desire to help those around me find peace in the midst of the chaos we call life. I believe in God, love, community and the beauty all around us. I purpose to live a life I love and I intend to include as many people as possible. Join me!
Angel Coughlin


Angel received her RYT -200 certification through New Day Yoga and her RYT-500 certification through Etowah Valley Yoga. She is also a Certified Kids Yoga Teacher through Kids YogaVerse and a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPTY-100).
A student and learner at heart she continues to deepen her knowledge base by pursuing a Professional Yoga Therapist Certification. She is currently a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)

Angel is a United States Navy Veteran and a Proud Plank Owner of the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76).

Amanda Hedrick
Though a lifelong writer and journaler, Amanda Hedrick began art journaling in 2015 to manage stress, get creative, and connect with others. Amanda brought her personal practice out into the Statesboro community by offering classes to middle and high schoolers through the Averitt Center for the Arts in Fall 2016. Her TEDx presentation on how art journaling changed her life generated new art journaling collaborations with local organizations like The Teal House, Statesboro Bulloch County Breast Cancer Foundation, and Total Wellness GA. In addition to offering art journaling workshops and meetups around Statesboro, Amanda is a Lecturer in the Department of Writing and Linguistics at Georgia Southern. There she happily teaches first year writing and serves as Co-Director of the Georgia Southern Writing Project. Amanda’s background in teaching writing helps her create a supportive, encouraging environment for writers of all ages, experiences, and interest levels.
Kevin Kerns - Instructor
Yoga entered Kevin’s life while he was unable to walk due to a rugby injury. After weeks of rehabilitation, he began to realize the benefits of the practice were expanding past just the physical aspects that yoga has become renown for. As mobility and strength returned to his body, a new sense of clarity entered his everyday life as the practice of mindful exercising had cultivated a new perspective. Wanting to share this new-found passion, Kevin became an instructor at Georgia Southern University, working with athletic teams, group fitness and various other organizations on campus. Training for water polo, he now uses yoga as a cross training exercise for both strength and recovery.
He offers challenging classes designed to improve stability, mobility and flexibility while strengthening the core and increasing the range of motion in the joints. Each class offers something new and unique and is open to people of all skill levels. Serving in the Georgia Army National Guard, Kevin also works with veterans through the Connected Warrior program at Sacred Space.

Scarlet Shumate: Ambassador
Health and fitness have always been a main interest for me. I was a triathlete in high school and adored running and swimming but knew something was missing in terms of taking care of my body. Once getting accepted into Georgia Southern University and having access to the RAC and groupfit classes, I began attending yoga classes fairly regularly. Since then, my practice has taken off and I can't seem to get through a day without some sort of flow or practice. At GSU, I am an athletic training major and love incorporating the things that I am learning about functional anatomy and helath and kinesiology into my practice and look forward to improving more.

Alexis McGhee - Studio Manager & Instructor
I have always struggled with finding an exercise format that I truly enjoyed. I finally fell upon yoga by accident while in highschool and slowly fell in love with it. When I came to college, I began to further my practice by becoming a group fitness instructor at the GSU RAC and attending fitness conferences throughout the year. I now enjoy what I do at my job! I love meeting new people, building new relationships and sharing my knowledge of yoga, as well as learning more about it in the process. I have been teaching for a few years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. I am a 200 hour CYT and I can not wait to practice with you all!

Maria Maldonado - Assistant
Maria graduated from East Carolina University with a Masters in Accounting degree and officially became a CPA in the state of Georgia in 2016. She has a deep passion for fitness/yoga and is an active member of CrossFit Boro. She is currently working at Sacred Space Yoga. She assists in administrative duties, marketing via social media such as Facebook and Instagram and also assists in the mini yogi classes. She is excited to join this team!

Emily Bohannon - Certified Doula
I have always loved Statesboro since I broke free from my small town in North Georgia and moved to the "Big City" to attend Georgia Southern University. After getting a degree in Community Health and marrying my college sweetheart we discovered we were expecting our firstborn. At the time, I worked with a nursing student who was also a doula and her friendship changed my life and career forever. She was our doula and helped us through all of the aspects of having a baby all while making us feel comfortable, confident, and able to take each step. As I stepped into motherhood, I knew I wanted to work to help others in my community somehow, so when I became pregnant with kid #2 I went through Doula Training with DONA International and began taking clients after my daughter was born. I started teaching families, one on one, what to expect and how to prepare for labor, birth, parenthood, postpartum, breastfeeding and recovery. I also began learning Yoga at that time and discovered amazing techniques to help my clients in labor from stress relief to breathing to hip-openers! I have learned so much over the last 7 years helping families welcome their newborns into the world and I am continually reaching for the best, evidence based information to inform my clients. Now I am very excited to take this next step to teach birth to our community and to empower expectant mothers and families to plan for their best birth possible!

Kim Owens
Kim Owens has 15 years of experience practicing a uniquely Christian form of meditation called Centering Prayer. Centering prayer is a practice of intention in which we set aside a period of time to surrender to God's presence and action within. 
In 2002, after the birth of her second child, Kim left the busy world of corporate marketing to become a massage therapist. During coursework, she was introduced to restorative yoga and meditation both of which had a profound and lasting impact on her life. She went on to open a thriving Christ-Centered bodyworks studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Then, in 2007, she and her family relocated to the Statesboro area for her husband's graduate degree and career. Since arriving in Statesboro, she has continued to learn through daily practice, and by attending spiritual retreats and continuing education courses focused on the Christian wisdom tradition and specifically awakening the heart. 

Kim has lead Centering Prayer workshops and classes for a variety of churches, yoga and recovery centers. These practices and God's abiding presence have helped her to deal with everything from a chronic auto-immune disease, to her young son's loss of sight. She feels called to share these practices with others who are craving the deep peace of surrendering to God's presence and action within.

Kaylee Herrin
I'm in love with life and I am passionate about helping others find that spark that allows them to be excited to live theirs. Beside yoga, my other hobbies include traveling to new scenes and getting to meet new people along the way. I also love adventuring out in the great outdoors and the feeling that comes when we let our spirits run free in the midst the vast wilderness. When it comes to yoga I fell in love with the practice and specifically the mental aspects of it. Most of what we do in our lives involve both the physical and mental and sometimes we are not always quick to pick up on both sides of that coin. However, yoga brought into focus the need for self awareness and the the fulfillment of self love. I hope that through my practice I am able to take you on that same journey and perhaps act as a catalyst to help you get in touch with body, mind, and spirit. I hope that as a yoga guide we can share this same sacred space in our hearts.