Current Schedule below - Scroll down to see a detailed description of each class!​

10:00am - Yoga for Flexibility (Alexis)
12:00pm - 1st Monday of the Month: Centering Prayer
6:00pm - Yoga for Core (Kevin)

9:30am - Yoga for Core (Scarlet)
4:00pm - Little Yogis (Angel)
6:00pm - Yoga for Core (Kevin)

9:00am - Yoga for Stress (Angel)
3:00pm - Connected Warriors (Angel)

9:30am - Yoga for Strength (Scarlet)
4:00pm - Connected Warriors (Alexis)
5:30pm - Yoga for Energetic Flow (Alexis)

9:00am - Yoga for Healing (Angel)
6:00pm - Yoga for Flexibility (Kevin)
7:30pm - Meditation

8:00am - Yoga for Flow (Kevin)
Occasional Workshops - Click Here for Schedule

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    Yoga for Flow
    Taught By: Kevin Yoga for Flow brings a focus on breath, asana, and sequencing together to give you a full body practice that focuses on transitions. Explore the strength of your body by allowing one muscle group to to engage another through this 60 minute class.
  2. 10
    Connected Warriors
    Taught By: Angel Join our connected warriors community for this inclusive class. Explore health, movement, and relaxation for health and well being. An hour of gentle yoga to ease the body and mind. Open to all levels. Free class. Donations accepted and are put right back into our trauma conscious yoga program.
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    Yoga for Healing
    Taught By: Angel Medical research shows that yoga is among the most effective complimentary therapies for many common ailments. This class is designed for those working with common limitations due to injury, illness, age, surgery, etc. The practice is temperate and adjusted to the students needs. Yoga postures are selected to encourage and facilitate healing and bring balance to the individual often leading to improved comfort and ease of symptoms and increased vitality.
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    Connected Warriors
    Taught By: Angel or Alexis Serving those who have served. Trauma conscious class for our military community. Active, reserve, retired, veterans and their families are invited to attend this FREE class. Addressing common situations such as PTSD, TBI, and combat wounds this class is built around self -care, healing and the bonds of the military community.
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    Little Yogis
    Taught By: Angel This yoga practice is specifically designed to meet the needs of vibrant and inquisitive minds. Through the exploration of breath, movement and meditation children are learning new skills and being provided tools for self regulation and executive function. These skills help children build a strong sense of self- esteem, confidence, and respect for others. For children 5-12 Elementary aged.
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    Yoga for Core
    Taught By: Kevin or Scarlet Yoga for the core offers a challenging class designed to target the muscles that help support the body, increasing stability and overall strength. Explore the many benefits of our new class!
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    Yoga for Stress
    Taught By: Angel As busy adults we have become proficient at storing stress in our bodies and minds. Our weekends when not filled with more work require hours and hours of "downtime" that still leave us in need of more rest. This practice is intended to bring your body, and your mind to a state of relaxation where you are able to release stored stresses and allow yourself a feeling of deep, nurturing calm & ease. Postures include active, restorative, movement and holds, as well as breathing and mindfulness techniques.
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    Yoga for Flexibility
    Taught By: Alexis In this slow flow class you will work on increasing flexibility through a series of poses designed to slowly and safely increase your pain free range of motion and therefore flexibility.
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    Yoga for Strength
    Taught by: Scarlet or Kevin Yoga for strength is an engaging yoga class that focuses on various aspects of physical fitness to provide a safe and engaging class for all physical levels.