A Radically Different Studio

A therapeutic approach, leveraging the practice of yoga to help achieve, support and maintain health


Hey Lovely,

Now that you know how yoga can and will impact your life are you ready to grab your mat and stop on in for class?

Here are some reasons to consider Sacred Space as your home studio.

The therapeutic approach: we look at yoga from a therapeutic perspective. We leverage the practice of yoga to help achieve, support and maintain health.

Community: We are a locally owned business interested in meeting the needs of our community. We seek to serve our community through local ministries, low and no-cost programs, and accessibility.

Emphasis: reaching underserved populations such as women of color, Spanish speaking population, veterans, and differently-abled children is a priority for us.

We feel we are radically different and we are proud of that. We believe in the power of actions.

Would You Consider Joining Us!

Blessings and Namaste

Angel Coughlin

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