Benefits of Yoga

What are the benefits of yoga?

Hey Lovely,

Today we chat about the benefits of yoga.
Play along with me for a moment as I ask you some questions?

Have you ever taken a vinyasa or energetic class and felt so spent in savasana but then the whole day you are full of energy?

Have you ever done a mindful flow or movement and meditation class and felt so relaxed you were able to get great sleep that night?

Have you ever felt clear-minded or grounded after a class?

What about this one?

Have you ever left a yoga class feeling both energized AND relaxed at the same time?

Mind-boggling, right?

I am willing to bet you answered yes to at least one of these questions.

What you experienced are some of the benefits to a yoga practice: energy, relaxation, equanimity.
The benefits can often be felt immediately. They can also have a long-lasting effect.

The questions today highlighted the immediate and recognizable impact.

Next, we look at the long-lasting impact of yoga.

Blessings and Namaste,

Angel Coughlin

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