Our Commitment to you

Here are three things Sacred Space is committed to


Hey Lovely,

What’s your favorite number?

Mine used to be 11 because K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet and my crush's name started with the letter K. I've since graduated high school and matured just enough to pass as an adult.

Now my favorite number is 3.

There are many reasons why the number three is awesome.

It's considered lucky: “Third time's the charm”

Some mathematicians think it’s the first real number.

We naturally group things in threes: “past, present, future” or “beginning, middle, end”

It is also filled with rich spiritual meaning.

Needless to say, I use it a lot and the longer you stay with me the more you’ll start to recognize it.

Let’s start right now.

Here are three things Sacred Space is committed to:

1. We strive to be INCLUSIVE: We believe every person can feel at home in their bodies. We also recognize that every person comes to us in a different way with different anticipations and expectations. We have a unique opportunity to meet them where they are at, link arms, and support them as they journey to where they want to be. We are so blessed to be invited into so many of your journeys home.

2. We purpose to be CONCISE: we choose our words carefully. We say what we mean. We balance brevity with comprehension. We’re collected in our thoughts, words, and actions. We seek to educate in ways that are relatable yet not overwhelming. We aim to provide the safe space for you to be empowered to do the work.

3. We aim for CALM: we are not aiming for the calm before or after the storm, we’re aiming for the calm in the midst of it. We empower confidence, steadiness, and equanimity in each of our students. Through these practices we share with you the tools to weather the storm.

So much to unpack in those three things. I hope this is giving you a glimpse into Sacred Space and what we are about.

Next I’d like to share with you the HOW.

Blessings and Namaste,
Angel Coughlin

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