What the community has to say

What YOU and the local community say about us helps us gage how well we are accomplishing the goal.


Hey Lovely,

By now you know our Ethos: “For those who want to feel at home in their bodies, Sacred Space provides a therapeutic approach through different modalities that integrates mind, body, and Spirit.”

You’ve also heard about our 3 commitments and the 3 ways we deliver.

What YOU and the local community say about us helps us gage how well we are accomplishing the goal. We've asked many of you and here is some of what we've heard.

Sacred Space is:

Inclusive: “Not one time did I ever feel uncomfortable. I felt welcomed as I entered a warm and inviting environment. I felt nervous but oddly at ease at the same time. And that feeling is hard to find sometimes, and that says a lot.”

Peaceful: “Sacred Space has been a wonderful place to go to unwind and get centered. Every time I come to a class, I feel as if I have left Statesboro and entered a place that helps me to work on my health both mentally and physically. When I leave, I feel that my stress has melted away. I absolutely love coming there and have had nothing but great experiences each time I go.”

Nurturing: “All the instructors are very warm and caring and have a real passion for the students. You know you will always practice in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. I have a few physical limitations and all the instructors help me to modify my practice so I get the greatest benefit. I rarely miss class because yoga has become a necessary part of my life.”

We are so humbled to receive such great reviews, and thrilled that what we do to move our goal forward is actually hitting the mark. We are here to serve and this community has received us warmly as we work to meet the needs.

It is our privilege to be able to serve in this way.

Are you seeing the trends here?

We are committed to be inclusive, concise, and calm.

We deliver by being educational, relatable, and brief.

As a result YOU see us as inclusive, nurturing, and peaceful.

I say we are on the right path. And right now that path leads to YOU.

Next, we want to highlight YOU.

**Blessings and Namaste,
**Angel Coughlin

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