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Tier 1: Virtual

$20 per month

Receive unlimited access to our virtual library of classes. Classes are added periodically. This membership gives you the freedom to practice whenever and wherever you are. Choose your style, length of class, and/or focus. Great way to maintain your personal practice through the shelter in place.

Tier 2: In-Person

$89 per mnth

Receive unlimited access to any and all of our in person classes. No limits to your membership. Want to attend more than one class per day? Sure. Want to attend class every day? Please do. This membership also comes with perks:

Tier 3: Virtual & In-Person (VIP)

$99 per card

This is the top of the line, everything but the kitchen sink membership. Receive access to all of our in person classes as well as access to the virtual content library. This membership also comes with perks:

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