Sponsorship Application

Why are you the right candidate? Please use the space below to write a short essay that highlights why you would be the best choice candidate to receive the full tuition sponsorship.

Attendance, Certification, Commitment, and Repayment Policy


Participants cannot miss more than one training weekend. Any hours missed must be made up with a lead trainer at the rate of $100/hr.

​Hours must be made up within 30 days of missed weekend.


Attendance does not guarantee certification. All requirements must be met in order for certification to be issued including: attendance, financial obligations, competencies, practicum, and more.


The sponsorship program offers full tuition to the Yoga Teacher Training Program. It does NOT cover the cost of books and materials nor does it cover fees incurred as a result of missing hours.

The sponsorship programs requires a commitment of teaching at least 2 classes per week for a period of 2 years from program completion.


In the event that a sponsorship recepient is unable to meet the requirements for certification or to satisfactorily complete the 2 year teaching commitment post certification the recepient would be required to pay back the full tuition in the amount of $3200 within 30 days of breech of contract.

In the event that legal action is required to obtain repayment the recepient is responsible for any expense incurred in the process.

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